Warrior Week



Married business owners with children.

Divorced entrepreneurs with children.

Married or Divorced independent professionals, executives, first responders and professionals such as military, doctors , law enforcement and other men of service.



These men are sitting at the center of a war going on all around them and in their heads 24/7. 

They feel alone. They feel attacked.

They feel like they have woken up in some foreign land where nothing makes sense anymore

They can’t seem to connect with their wife.

They know they need to spend more time with their children but can’t get themselves to do it.

They are successful in business but know that it is the place they now go to hide from the rest of their life.

He knows he is capable of so much more than he is giving.

He knows his life has a purpose but it always seems just out of his understanding.

He spends most of his time hurting or sedating his pain and the solutions that worked in the beginning either no longer work or have him spiraling out of control.

He’s lying to himself, his family, his employees, his clients or customers, the IRS, his doctor, his preacher or his priest, and to his friends.

He can’t trust himself and his ego won’t let him even consider these things because he knows he would obliterate his well-architected charade if he even tried to be straight with everyone.

He keeps trying new things believing that the solution to what bothers him is “out there” somewhere.

He knows it is “out there.” He just hasn’t found it yet.

He beats himself up constantly over this and over feeling like a failure as a father, a husband, a businessman, or even as a man. He is asking himself whether this is all that there is?

He’s hurting and, he knows he is hurting others that he cares about and he doesn’t know what the fuck to do to stop any of it. 

A man comes to Warrior Week to deal with a pain that has reached a level of noise and pressure where he has turned to sedation to medicate himself.

The pain may show up in his physical health or vitality, his sense of certainty, faith, or purpose, in his primary relationships with his wife and/or children, or it could show up in business as escapism, workaholism, or build and burn. 

This man feels constantly hunted.

He may have words for this feeling of being hunted but usually, it requires a conversation with a qualified Warrior Trainer or Coach to unpack this sense of being hunted.

Once unpacked, he begins to feel the pain in a way that becomes overwhelming.

He begins, perhaps for the first time, to realize the absolute urgency of his situation. It is at this point, that a man could be ready for WARRIOR WEEK.

A man comes to WARRIOR WEEK believing he is going to find answers from the Coaches and Leaders.

Very quickly, he finds himself sucked into a time warp, where he learns how to find the answers he has been seeking.

He learns a way of living that actually works.

He is embedded with a Code that becomes his compass and he finds the association and connection with a brotherhood of men, just like him, who are all searching for the same thing even if they didn’t know it when they first reached out for help to deal with their pain.


Warrior Week

A Warrior is embedded with a Code that becomes his compass and he finds the association and connection with a brotherhood of men searching for the same thing.


Hosted Warrior Week

Built for a man seeking to dramatically transform the quality of leadership and increase the results of his business or community through the Warrior’s Way.


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