The American Dream


Do you still dream the American Dream? Anne & Dave stopped allowing themselves to dream, because it didn’t look like it would ever happen for them.

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P90X3 Results


Ed was the heaviest member of the P90X3 test group. His results were impressive, and went much deeper than a new 6-pack.

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The Mega Millions Dream


Ready to hit the jackpot with the Mega Millions lotto tonight? Your odds of winning are, of course ridiculous. But what are your odds of becoming a millionaire if you stay loyal to your job? Will your dreams last that long?

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How I Made My Millions


Turning a passion into an empire isn’t as crazy a notion as you might think. It’s accepting the risk and taking action that turns ordinary people like Tony Horton into millionaires.

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Anything Worthwhile Takes Time


The definitive secret formula to success is reviled. Plus, how you can become “world class” and rise above the competition faster than most people you know.

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Just Help People


People over-think what it means to be a Coach with Team Beachbody. When it comes down to it… just help people.

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